Design: Thai Gottsmann Gästebuch Lieber The Dung, lieber Peter Knost! Am kommenden Sonntag wird im Rahmen meiner Sendung beim Hamburger Lokalradio ein Beitrag über "Der Traum von Orly" laufen, in den auch kurze Teile des Interviews eingeflossen sind. Ich sende Ihnen im Anhang an diese E-Mail die MP3-Audiodatei des Beitrags für Ihre Unterlagen. Für heute herzliche Grüße aus Friedrichshain! Thomas Völkner   ----------------------------------   Berlin publisher focuses on German books in Vietnamese At the recent International Book Fair in Hanoi, several German publishers and the Goethe Institute organized a stand with 800 titles. A small Berlin-based firm that focuses on books in Vietnamese was also there.   Peter Knost is a proud man. He holds up the first two books published by Vipen Editors, a company he recently founded with his Vietnamese colleague The Dung. The two are not newcomers to the world of publishing. Peter Knost used to edit books for a Berlin-based group of authors from Asia, Africa,       and Latin America, and has worked as a sales representative for various publishing houses. The Dung is a writer with over half a dozen books on his list of publications. The two men are excited about their latest project – books by German authors translated into Vietnamese.   "Chronik der Wende" about the collapse of East Germany has been translated into Vietnamese   "The first book is finished," Knost said. "It’s the translation of 'Chronik der Wende,' almost a non-fiction classic about the collapse of East Germany. This book can now be read by Vietnamese speakers." "Chronik der Wende" is a popular retrospective of the period between the GDR's 40th anniversary in early October 1989 and the free parliamentary elections in March 1990. The book describes all important events day by day and illustrates them with photographs from the time.   Vietnamese know little about German history Weiter
Es gab eine Zeit, da das Unvorstellbare vorstellbar wurde Und das Unmögliche tatsächlich geschah "...Ấy là thời gian mà những điều không thể hình dung đã thành có thể Và những điều không được xảy ra đã xẩy ra rồi..." Thế Dũng