Design: Thai Gottsmann Gästebuch_2 But why should people in Vietnam read this book now, more than 20 years after the events took place? Author The Dung claims there is a need for such an introduction as most of his fellow Vietnamese know very little about contemporary German history. "Very few people in Vietnam can really comprehend what happened in Germany with the fall of the wall. That is why I thought we should start our publishing business with this particular book."   Vipen Editors has also published a volume of essays by East German writer Christa Wolf, where she analyses the political events of 1989. Wolf is already known to intellectuals in Vietnam as the author of "Der geteilte Himmel" ("Divided Heaven"), a novella about the situation in the GDR, which was available in Vietnamese in the 1980s. Now readers will have the chance to follow up on her views about Germany. Books need to be sold Peter Knost has published books from the developing world for a long time       However, running a publishing house is not just a matter of translating and printing. Books also need to be sold. Currently, Vipen Editors can only circulate small numbers of their books in Vietnam. A few stores in the major cities import the books from Berlin. As Peter Knost explains, they also want to target buyers closer to home: "We can’t really reach the Vietnamese community via German book stores. Instead, we sell our books at events, public readings, libraries, and so on. Many Vietnamese corner shops that sell all kinds of things also have books on display." Several German trade publishers already bring out books in languages such as Turkish, Arabic, or Russian. With their titles in Vietnamese, Vipen Editors is trying to fill a gap and hoping to turn it into a profitable business. "If everything works out as planned over the next five years, we will have conquered and securely established our market niche." But the men behind Vipen Editors know the most crucial aspect of their plan: To find ways to distribute larger numbers of their books not just at home, but in Vietnam. Author: Thomas Voelkner Editor: Anne Thomas Weiter
Es gab eine Zeit, da das Unvorstellbare vorstellbar wurde Und das Unmögliche tatsächlich geschah "...Ấy là thời gian mà những điều không thể hình dung đã thành có thể Và những điều không được xảy ra đã xẩy ra rồi..." Thế Dũng