Design: Thai Gottsmann Gästebuch_3 Vietnamese novelist in Berlin discusses 1980s Am kommenden Sonntag wird im Rahmen meiner Sendung beim Hamburger Lokalradio ein Beitrag über "Der Traum von Orly" laufen, in den auch kurze Teile des Interviews eingeflossen sind. Ich sende Ihnen im Anhang an diese E-Mail die MP3-Audiodatei des Beitrags für Ihre Unterlagen. Für heute herzliche Grüße aus Friedrichshain! Thomas Völkner   Vietnamese novelist in Berlin discusses 1980s German readers have a wide choice when it comes to novels translated from English or French but not necessarily from Asian languages such as Vietnamese. The Dung's book, however, has made it to Germany’s bookshelves. It is the 1980s. Tran Linh is a young, well-educated man who lives in a provincial town in Vietnam. He plans to move to Hanoi with his fiancée. However, not being a member of the ruling socialist party, he is unable to obtain a valid residence permit for the capital and encounters many obstacles. He does not have enough money to bribe the civil servants. Tran Linh is not a real person. He is the main character of a novel by The Dung, a Vietnamese-born author who lives and       works in Berlin. In Der Traum von Orly (The Dream of Orly), the author describes the various difficulties young intellectuals from Vietnam would have faced some 25 years ago. "Young Vietnamese intellectuals didn’t have much choice when it came to going abroad. It was a question of fate whether they got permission to go to Russia, the GDR or Poland," The Dung told The German version of The Dream of Orly was published in March 2010 "My main protagonist has one goal," he explained. "He wants to live in Hanoi but unfortunately his situation is not very promising. That’s why he draws up a big plan. First, he has to go abroad. Orly is an address he has in mind. He needs to make a detour to pursue his dream." Thousands of Vietnamese went to GDR in 1980s To his disappointment, Tran Linh finds out that there is barely any chance of emigrating to France legally. He could, if he wanted, join the growing number of boat people who escape in small fishing vessels. However, he only wants to study abroad and then return to Hanoi and therefore he has to find a legal way of leaving the country. Weiter
Es gab eine Zeit, da das Unvorstellbare vorstellbar wurde Und das Unmögliche tatsächlich geschah "...Ấy là thời gian mà những điều không thể hình dung đã thành có thể Và những điều không được xảy ra đã xẩy ra rồi..." Thế Dũng