Design: Thai Gottsmann The Dungs Poesie in  Englisch von A. Noon Habits Dear Mother, my life in the army: I sleep in a hammock in the forest. When I come home on leave I sleep in a soft bed. Our home is made of fan palm, cupboard and bed both old. My mother closes the door lightly, worries about dew and the wind. Although, looking through the window I pillow in the heights of the sky. We soldiers sleep and eat in the grass and moon and stars. If my dream dries up, it's because the rain doesn't pour into our home. If the moon doesn't enter, it's because the door's shut and the wall too high. Making habits: eating, sleeping in the hills and rivers; mother, keep the door open: I like to view enormity.   Time stays calm Which latitude's icy? Which longitude searing? Love is illusory, Time fills all. How often seed-sowing? Hair has gone grey, wishing to be a child again... Time knows no love! Time stops calmly trickles off calmly volcanoes extinguish, people separate, unparted. Time approaches calmly! Time flees calmly! big toe's beat, heart thumps in the clouds How many destroyed capitals? How many expelled tyrants ? How many fallen lodestars? The human empire left over.   Time stays calm, yes! Time stays calm, no! The Dung , tr. A. Noon Weiter Alistair Noon
Es gab eine Zeit, da das Unvorstellbare vorstellbar wurde Und das Unmögliche tatsächlich geschah "...Ấy là thời gian mà những điều không thể hình dung đã thành có thể Và những điều không được xảy ra đã xẩy ra rồi..." Thế Dũng