Design: Thai Gottsmann The Dungs Poesie in der englischen Übersetzung von A. Noon My rose will come later Trust me, I was there in thought, but worried I'd be punctual. My rose is unharmed still: bud, did you wait for me? Waited and wanted me, I hold your invitation; you became a bride but without me, my spirits fall unexpectedly. My love: so honest and clear... My heart should stay like a bud, the rose will come later, to open in silence.   Rain falls, leaf breaks, rubble scatters... Rain falls, leaf breaks, I'm bored... The soft drop dribbles, the crazy drop splashes Remembering Spring with rain-loaded leaves You think hazily, with nine points of the compass Whose children are screeching in the porch? Whose mothers plant fig trees for hope's sake? Afterwards multiply, divide, then plus and minus Who built this family's happiness, gone so cold? Rain falls, leaf breaks, rubble scatters... Whose roof's leaking? What do the young know?   The Dung , tr. A. Noon Weiter Concern I don't know, now is past. Was loving me boring for you? I worry you'll one day be ashamed of me, think back as you would of a mistake ! On seeing my son on the 1st day of Tet Opening the letter a photo of my son surprises me. Seven years past. Sea of memory... Coinciding waves... Heartbeat... I leave the letter unread, enthused by his photo: bored, happy, a sob from the depths. Zurück
Es gab eine Zeit, da das Unvorstellbare vorstellbar wurde Und das Unmögliche tatsächlich geschah "...Ấy là thời gian mà những điều không thể hình dung đã thành có thể Và những điều không được xảy ra đã xẩy ra rồi..." Thế Dũng